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An HelpSpot installation script for GNU/Linux servers.

How to Use:

Here's how to use this script.

1. Preparation

Your server must already have:

  1. A web server (e.g. Apache or Nginx)
  2. PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2
  3. HelpSpot license file much be present on the server file system. Usually named license.txt.
  4. MySQL 5.6+ with a database created using the following statement (adjust the database name as needed):
    CHARSET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

You may wish to create a MySQL user specifically for HelpSpot as well.

CREATE USER 'helpspot_user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'some_secure_password';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on helpspot_db.* TO 'helpspot_user'@'localhost';

Useful Tools:

Two optional scripts are available to help install Nginx, PHP and MySQL on a new server for Debian/Ubuntu or RedHat servers. You can run these scripts directly on a new server, or use them as a reference on setting up a new server. However please review them to ensure they're correct for your version and flavor of GNU/Linux before running them.

  1. Debian/Ubuntu:
  2. RedHat:

2. Download Script

You can download the script to your local server:

curl -sL -o

You'll then have an file ready to use! You can verify it's authenticy as it should match the following md5 checksum: 58c200e6392cbeb97fa5cff8c7fa4eac.

To check that it matches, run the following on your installed script (here we assume it's name

# Should be 58c200e6392cbeb97fa5cff8c7fa4eac
md5 <

# Use md5sum if no "md5" found
md5sum <

3. Install:

Once the script is present on the web server, you can begin the installation process:

# Requires root or sudo user to run

# If you've placed your HelpSpot license file in this same directory
# and named it license.txt just run this command.
sudo bash

# Or we can define the license file location
sudo bash --license=/tmp/license.txt

This will prompt for:

  1. Where to install HelpSpot (e.g. /var/www/helpspot)
  2. Database information (to configure HelpSpot's config.php file)
  3. HelpSpot install details, including
    • Admin user email/password
    • HelpSpot details (name, reply-to email)
    • HelpSpot Customer ID
    • Timezone (Includes auto-complete, but you can also find valid timezones here)


This installation script has been tested on:

  1. centos CentOS 7
  2. centos CentOS 6
  3. redhat RedHat 7
  4. redhat RedHat 6
  5. debian Debian 8
  6. ubuntu Ubuntu 14.04
  7. ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04

Requires non-standard packages to install MySQL 5.6+ and PHP 5.6+


Re-Trying the Install Script

If the script fails due to providing incorrect information at a prompt, you will need to clean up the helpspot installation directory (e.g. rm -r /var/www/helpspot) and reset the database (drop all tables, or delete and re-create the database) before attempting the install script again.

This script does not over-write files existing in the install location.

Other Issues

If you run into any issues, contact HelpSpot Customer Support.


Contributions are welcome! You can find the source for HelpSpot Installer on GitHub.